Branded Apparel

Following a life long passion for design, making the first silk screens at age 12 and designing Clarity branded apparel for 25 years, we finally can focus on our branded apparel category in 2016.

Working with new methods of printing and pressing with materials that value comfort and performance is a natural fit for us. We help our clients make it easy to select staff apparel, comfort fitness wear, and memorable giveaways for their clients, associates, and family members.

Our existing skill set of adapting to the use of new technology, and making it easy for our clients to understand options in a rapidly changing environment of audio/video and golf simulation, applies to the world of branded apparel directly.

Developing a design concept/logo or idea for our client, and having them decide how to use it in a campaign or marketing plan, is our favorite.

Being fortunate to represent world class brands like Foot Joy, OAKLEY, Lacoste, Swanny’s, and many others, insures a broad variety of options for our clients to choose from.